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Why One To One Communication SUCKS | Professional Networking Tips For Lawyers


If your law firm isn’t practicing one to many marketing, you’re missing out. In this video, I give you professional networking tips and explain why one to one communication is ineffective for growing your law firm.

For 13 years now, I’ve worked with thousands of lawyers and other professionals to help them understand how to find and win new clients. One of the most important professional networking tips I offer lawyers is that networking one on one is draining and unproductive. Here’s why:

– Networking in a one on one setting takes too much time. Because it can take weeks, months, or even years to earn the trust of just one potential client, you need to build many relationships simultaneously, so that you always have new clients and matters in your pipeline.

– One to one communication is like putting all your eggs in one basket. One to many marketing, on the other hand, lets you spread your message. You can reach out to dozens, hundreds, or thousands of potential clients at the same time by speaking at industry events or writing articles for trade publications.

– When you focus on one to one communication, you end up with clients who expect you to be personally, intimately involved with their cases. This is problematic, because if you want to grow your law firm like a business, you need to be able to source cases and have them be handled by others in your firm.

Don’t waste your time and energy concentrating on one potential client at a time. Instead, make use of one to many marketing.

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