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WHAT THEY’RE MISSING | Instagram Marketing For Musicians

Marketing music on Instagram is a favorite subject of dimwitted cringe-factories on the internet. The army of goofy personalities on YouTube and your social media feed promoting Instagram marketing for musicians are selling you a secret shortcut. But, the “latest hacks” is often a better description for them as people than what they can teach you.

The undesirable truth is that growing a real audience (on ANY social media platform) takes repetitive action and time. Marketing music on Instagram boils down to “good habits plus time”. In this video, we talk about the unproductive “growth hacks”, the good long-term habits, and what it will take for you to build a large following on Instagram.

0:00 Intro
0:27 Bad Ideas
1:42 Keep Attention With Recurring Content
2:54 Create A Topic Wheel
4:14 How To Not Reach New People
5:09 What We Use To Reach New People
6:36 Why Trying Too Hard Usually Fails
7:46 Shorter Is NOT Better
9:24 Quick Note About Hashtags
10:05 Carousels Can Crush It
10:45 Highlights Can Help Retention
11:30 Conclusion

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