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What is social media marketing and how can you make money by offering this service in 2020?

As a digital marketing expert, people ask me what is social media marketing and how can they make money by offering these services because of the current world’s economic situation in 2020.

Well, social media marketing is not that hard. Yes, it requires time to learn, and most importantly, it requires time to practically implement it to see the right results.

Social media websites such as Facebook and Facebook-owned companies such as Instagram and then there is LinkedIn, Pinterest, and who can ignore YouTube. People are on these websites looking to learn, looking to buy your product and service and If you do pitch them correctly, you can make good money as a social media marketer today.

In this video, I have clarified confusions related to

– Who can learn social media marketing?
– How to get your debit card approved to make payment online?
– How to build your portfolio as a beginner?
– How to get new clients who are willing to pay you good money for social media marketing?



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