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Twitter Marketing Complete Course – Beginner to Professional

Twitter is the favorite platform for influencers, and a strong presence on Twitter is sure to attract you a lot of right kind of attention.

Twitter is on every phone and people use it for everything from consuming the latest news, voicing their opinions to engaging with brands and finding the latest offers.

If you are a content creator, it’s a must have to create a powerful Twitter presence to lend authority to your content.

If you are a business owner then Twitter can be the most powerful driver of reputation and engagement. A strong presence on Twitter will help you grow your network, your reach and your business rapidly.

If you’re an executive then Twitter help create a public voice for you and your company. Bringing you the recognition you deserve.

This is the most powerful course on Twitter marketing and it will guide you step-by-step on how to get success on Twitter. We’ve kept things simple to understand and filled it real world examples of both what’s right and what’s wrong so that you’ll know exactly what it takes to get success.

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00:00 Introduction
00:00:02 What is Twitter?
00:03:38 Twitter Web
00:07:19 Twitter Mobile
00:12:49 Benefits of Using Twitter for your Business
00:17:08 Choosing a Good Twitter Handle
00:21:59 Optimizing a Twitter Profile
00:26:32 Optimizing your profile picture and cover photo
00:31:24 Reviewing Some Well Optimized Twitter Accounts
00:35:20 How to tweet
00:38:40 How to put hashtags in tweets
00:42:24 How To Upload Videos & Images
00:46:35 Animated GIFs & YouTube Videos
00:52:09 How & Why to Retweet
00:55:31 Sending Direct Messages
00:59:00 Using Twitter Lists
01:03:33 Bookmarking & Favoriting Tweets
01:06:32 Following the right people
01:10:59 Findings Topics To Follow
01:16:41 Finding Trends Using Explore
01:21:27 Creating Twitter Moments
01:27:43 How to limit access to your twitter account and tweets
01:31:40 Using Twitter Hashtags Properly
01:35:24 Finding great content using hashtags
01:39:35 Finding great content outside of Twitter
01:42:51 Creating a balance between images, text and video
01:47:07 Using Emojis in your tweets
01:52:02 Study Your Competition
01:56:15 Growing your Twitter Followers
01:59:45 Tweet Links to Your Content
02:05:05 Making Retweetable Content
02:08:54 Connecting with Influencers
02:13:45 Using Hashtags to get noticed
02:19:33 Put Twitter follow button on your blog
02:23:59 Growing your twitter by engaging others
02:27:46 Using Influencers to promote your business
02:31:35 Share links to Useful Content
02:36:07 Using Twitter Analytics
02:39:52 Promote Twitter using other accounts
02:45:41 Using Twitter for Customer Service
02:50:41 Using Pinned Tweets
02:56:32 Getting the blue-tick
03:00:50 Using Twitter Analytics Apps
03:05:08 Using Canva to create Twitter Images
03:09:26 Embedding your tweets on your blog using TweetLine
03:15:10 Using Tweetdeck for Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts
03:24:38 Twitter automation using TweetPush



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