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Networking Made Easy (15 SIMPLE TIPS to Becoming a Networking PRO!)

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00:13 A special thank you
02:07 ‘Networking’ demystified
03:52 Forget what you’ve heard about networking
04:29 Have your elevator pitch ready
05:10 Be relatable
06:28 Get the other person talking
07:32 Leverage your network’s network
09:00 Find your wingman or wingwoman
10:13 Don’t just take, take, take!
12:57 The right way to ask for a business card
13:28 Following up
15:34 Quality over quantity
16:15 Dress appropriately
17:03 Prepare thoughtful questions
18:37 Social media
20:14 Don’t phone people
21:05 Be a connector
22:08 Summary and bonus tip

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