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Live Cold Calling For Social Media Marketing Clients (Closed My First Call)

This is my first video where I dive into some live cold calling to local businesses in LA.

I lucked out and booked a meeting on my first call!

⭐️Key Tips⭐️

1. Don’t send an email.
2. Offer two time slots for a meeting.
3. Try to sound like yourself and not a snake-oil salesman. Pretend like you are talking to your best friend.
4. Research the business beforehand – make sure you can mention a few things about them or their digital marketing.
5. Do not leave a message with the gatekeeper! It will most likely be ignored and can potentially prevent you from calling back.
6. Ask if they have other businesses, you never know.
7. Use a script

Call #1: 1:40
Call #2: 9:48

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