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Is FB Dead? My Organic Facebook Marketing Strategy For 2019 Revealed

Is Facebook organic marketing completely dead? Is there a way to grow an audience on FB without paying for ads?

This video reveals my new test and strategy.

Follow along by connecting with my fanpage here:

You will be able to follow along as I test different post types and facebook live videos in order to trigger the facebook algorithm to get reach, impressions and engagement.

This is a new fanpage that was started just 2 days ago (on March 11th, 2019) so I’m not leveraging an existing fanpage and starting from scratch like a new facebook marketer would do.

I will be posting updates about my progress with this facebook marketing method on the fanpage itself, so be sure to connect on facebook with the link above of by searching for “Miles Beckler” and clicking like on the fanpage!

If you want to learn how to run the $5 Facebook Advertising strategy I mentioned in the video, check out this playlist here:

For more information on this organic facebook marketing idea and for a screenshot that shows our traffic from organic Facebook traffic, check out this post:



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