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Instagram Marketing Strategy: Leveraging The Algorithm In 2019

♦502 Instagram Marketing Strategy:

15-20 minutes per day every single day (do not skip this Instagram Strategy). Doing this on targeted accounts will allow you to gain 500-1000 followers per month.

*** Make sure that you do this only by picketing the most engaging comments on the most targeted Instagram accounts.

As you can imagine, after 3 months of doing this the increased impressions, comments, saves, and likes on your post will allow you to reach new people that haven’t seen your content before so this Instagram marketing strategy will allow you to succeed with the Instagram algorithm in 2019.

♦Tag Instagram Strategy:

Targeting is extremely important so just like the 502 strategy It is important to pick the best accounts to tag.

Brands aren’t usually the best accounts to target and tag because they have their own agenda; to make money and sell their stuff to consumers. So only tag consumers.

Tag the consumers that follow your target accounts. It is easy to spot consumers because they usually have Instagram handles that either make zero sense or are their names.

***If they have the ring around their profile image it means they were active today and just uploaded an Instagram story. This suggests to me that they use IG often and are active. These are the type of profiles you want to tag for this Instagram Marketing Strategy.

Questions? Need help? Drop a comment and I will reply ASAP to help you get rolling! 👇👇👇

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