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How I Rank #1 On Google by Using Social Media Marketing

Every brand wants to show up as the first result on Google but the problem is that most of these companies are all competing with the same outdated strategies.

Here is the general outline:

1. Create content
2. Build backlinks
3. Pray to the Google gods

Here’s the problem.

You cannot OPTIMIZE something if the thing you’re working on is going to end up looking exactly the same as thousands of other businesses afterwards.

The true art of optimization is understanding how to to identify a subject and make your product/service/etc. appear more unique and relevant than everyone else.

So, the question is, what is the most untapped way of building a unique and relevant result these days?

Today I will answer that on my brand new video.

Podcast and music hack here:
Squarespace SEO video:
Manychat SEO video:



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