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Facebook Marketing Bangla: 20 Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page – Generate Free Like

20 Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page – Generate Free Facebook- Complete facebook marketing Bangla tutorial

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What is Facebook Business Page?

The Facebook business page is a free option for business owners to generate brand awareness for there product and service. It helps them to connect with customers directly and generate more sales.

In this article, I will share with you 20 tips to optimize your Facebook business page.

Profile picture: Facebook allows you to add a profile picture on your Facebook page. This is the most viewable elements on your page. People see your profile picture every time when you create a post, even if someone share or you advertise your post audience can see your profile picture. It should be recognizable.
You can add your business logo, product picture or something that represents your brand.

Facebook frequently change the dimensions on profile picture right now its display at 170×170 pixels on a desktop and 128×128 pixels on smartphones.

Cover Photo: Your Facebook business page cover photo works like a billboard. Whenever someone visits your business profile this is the place that covers there display. It should be related to your business. You can add a small video that showcases your product or service. You should change your cover photo based on time, season, trends, & news.
Business Page cover photos display at 820×312 pixels on computers, and 640×360 pixels on smartphones.

Add a description of your cover photo: Whenever we upload our cover photo most of the times we forget to add a description of our cover photo. We should add a description and include our link.

Short description: Facebook allows us to add a short description of a page. It should be well written, keyword reach and the main theme of your business. So that anyone can understand your business type. We can add only 255 characters in here.

Long Description: In the long description section or story section you can add your business story in detail, you can add your business or service details. Optimized your story with the proper keywords.

Add Website Link: If you have a business website where you promote your product or service you should add your website link on your page.

Select the Right Business Category: Often we forget to add a category on our page. Facebook allows us to change the business category & now we can add three categories on our page.

Include Phonenumber Address: If you are a local business owner this is mandatory to add a phone number and your business location. It can help you to generate more business.

Add Your Business Hours: Let’s help customers to know when you open and when you closed.

Custom URL: It should be your brand name. Some times it’s hard to get but we should claim this as early as possible. The Facebook page user name is your vanity URL. Once you create your username it can not be changed.

Add Call to Action: Facebook allows us to add a call to action on the business page. You can add a book now, call now, send a message, get direction, shop now tab.

Enable Review: Review is the best way to know from your customers. Most of the people read reviews before they buying online. So some positive reviews can help you to grow your business.

Add Tab: On Facebook, we can add some tab in our left menu. We can remove the tab we can add the tab. If you are a business owner you sell the product you can add a shop tabs, if you are a service provider you can add a service tab.

Organized your Tabs: On your business page you have too many tabs, You can change the tabs and you can reshape them based on your business.

Pin Post: Facebook allows you to add pin posts on your page. You can add your top engaging post or you can share your website link here.

Upload Video: For active Facebook marketing you should add some videos on your business page. Create some videos regarding your service or product then upload those videos on the Facebook page.

Create Video Playlist: As like YouTube Facebook allow you to create playlist on your page. Create some playlist that related to your business and service.

Add Auto replay: On your page, you have an option to add an automatic replay. If someone asks any question you can set an instant replay for them.

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